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Liverpool Throw’s and Jump’s competition

Counter productive

In the summer of 2004 after seeing that the field events athlete’s did not

get the attention that track events do so I and a couple of other coaches decided it was time to

 feature the field events, so it was the beginning of the Liverpool Throw’s and Jump’s

The field event specific started September 2004, and in the spring of 2005 we introduced  the

jumps events into the competition which set the format for today's competition this then became a twice yearly competition

  Since then over the years we have grower to its present format, I am pleased that others have

decided to follow this format, but to my dismay it’s not achieving the intended reason why

was started, (to give field athletes more opportunity and access their chosen events)

Over the years other competition have worked well but recently no one has bothered to

Check competition dates this now Is counterproductive,

as it is reducing the competition’s that are available to these athletes.

I would hope that these competitions could be spread out over March, April, and May. Before the

season gets into full swing and at the end September, and October.

To all organizes of these event’s let’s work together and give these special athlete’s the competitions

they deserve

Ronnie Bomba

Est 2004