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About Us

Myself and my colleagues (coaches and parents) decided during the summer of 2004 that the throwers and jumpers seemed to always be pushed in to the position of you can do that. This as may be, this however over the last five years has proved not to be the case, our 1st completion in the autumn of 2004 (September 19th) proved to be a success with hammer, shot and discus throwers.

In the spring of 2005 we introduced the jumps events into the competition which set the format for today's competitions . This then became a twice yearly competition

Our first competition in 2004 we had 36 or so entries rising to over 85  in September 2009. This year we expect 100 or more.

With the use of the Clubs EDM that we purchased some four years ago it has let us get more long throws in the time allowed. And so more competitors. Continuing with the same format as in previous years.  

The Throws & Jumps are here With 130 athletes growing YEAR ON YEAR full report Link on News Continued page  And a good opportunity for any potential sponsors to support this  Competition to really put this competition on the National Scene.

Thanks go to UKA - McCains for there support this year.

Ronnie Bomba

Any Potential Sponsors or Supporters Contact me

Ronnie Bomba

07703 524 644 Ronnie


Competition in Velenja 2009

1st Primos Kozmus

7th Michael Bomba P.B. 67.17mts

8th Amir Williamson

In 2007 we were given the help of the A.A.A. with their help and support we were able to offer Silver Salvers for the u15 & u17 competitors who attained the A.A.A. grade one standard. And a money prize for the u20 & senior competitors.This has been a great success but things move on and this has had to end with the Autumn 2009 completion.

This year we are presenting Glass Plaques, to those athletes attaining Grade A standard and once again, these have been a success with u15 & u17.

         Is one of these Plaques for you U15 & U17 
Male & Female  Competitors attaining  A.A.A. Grade 1